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Terms of service

Terms and conditions

Welcome to the website, (hereinafter the "Page") of SERVICIOS, ASESORÍAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES S.A. of C.V. (hereinafter “Lía Marant”). The terms and conditions, which are described below, are intended to regulate the use made by people who enter the Page. "User" of the Page means both registered users and visitors (hereinafter the "User"). By registering and/or browsing the Page, the User gives his consent to this.

General conditions

IMPORTANT: By accepting the following terms and conditions, the User accepts that product orders placed through the internet portal are subject to their availability and delivery times. delivery may vary depending on this. The User must confirm through our means of contact and clarifications the date of availability in the store or the date of shipment of the product(s) purchased.

A. Access and use of the site. Lía Marant grants the User limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable personal use, for an indefinite period, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, to use the Page, in order to endorse, express or be interested in acquiring and through a sale offer , the products that are published on the Page. The way you use the Site is personal and non-transferable.

B. The user must register on the Page to make use of the services, products and benefits expressed therein, through a registration form. The User is fully responsible for all activities that occur under his password or account, on the other hand, he must immediately notify Lía Marant of any unauthorized use of his password or account, in no way, Lía Marant will be responsible, directly or indirectly. , for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of failure to comply with this condition.

C. The user must have valid legal capacity to use the Page, being at least 18 years of age or, if applicable, accessing it with the supervision and authorization of their parents or guardian.

D. Lía Marant is the one who sells directly and without intermediaries, the products offered on this Page. Any transaction carried out through the Page will be subject to the terms and conditions expressed herein.

E. Lía Marant reserves all rights not expressly granted under this document.

  1. The improper use as well as the reproduction of all information contained in the Page, without the express and prior written consent of Lía Marant will be subject to the corresponding legal actions.

G. Through the Page, Lía Marant has no obligation to keep any information that it has made available to the Users or that has been sent to it by the Users. The functions contained in the Page and access to it may be interrupted at any time and contain errors.

Conditions of Purchase

A. The products purchased by the User through the Page will be governed by these Contract Terms and Conditions for the purchase and sale of retail products and the applicable tax provisions.

B. Product condition. Lía Marant will make every effort to ensure that the content of the Page is as accurate as possible; however, there may occasionally be errors or inaccuracies, including but not limited to, product description, quality, availability, image, payment terms, applicable offers, or price.In these cases, both the User and Lía Marant have the unilateral right to cancel the transaction until before the moment in which the product is physically delivered, in which case Lía Marant will fully reimburse the payment under the conditions in which it was made

C. Prices. The prices of each of the products offered, and where appropriate, the promotions applicable to them, will be published within and through the Page and other available means, will be subject to the conditions, restrictions, duration or volume of the products that will be found in the different advertisements published on the Page, as well as changes without prior notice. Lía Marant may offer prices and offers for the sale of products on this Page that vary with respect to the prices and offers for the same products in physical stores, which will only be applicable to purchase and sale transactions carried out by this means and for the city or indicated entity; therefore, Lía Marant is not obliged to respect the prices published on this Page for transactions carried out in any of our physical Stores or in other cities or entities than those indicated.

D. Product payment. To make the corresponding payment for the products or services offered on the Page, the User must use the available means of payment offered by Lía Marant and comply with them until the corresponding charge and confirmation is made.
Due to the large number of Fraudulent operations that occur through online purchases in Mexico, where users are victims of card cloning or data theft, if the purchase is made with a credit or debit card, to avoid possible fraud and protect users against unauthorized purchases by cardholders through our web store, Lía Marant may request, via email or telephone call, the sending of a copy of the official INE identification of the cardholder with which the purchase was made, as well as some other document or proof to authorize and validate it; Once this information is received and validated, the order will be shipped and the customer will be notified of it.

E. Receipt. The User will receive a proof of purchase once the transaction has been carried out, confirmed and authorized according to the means of payment. This receipt may be requested by Lía Marant to validate the delivery of the product, which must not present alterations, scratches or amendments of any kind.

F. Shipping method. It will be determined by Lía Marant according to the means of transport and delivery available, according to the quantity and condition of the product. The User will cover the shipping costs of the products, unless otherwise stated. Free shipping will be applicable only under the conditions that Lía Marant has. The User will be informed in advance and through the Page or email of the price, approximate delivery dates, costs and freight insurance, etc.

G. Product delivery. It will be made at the address indicated by the User at the time of purchase or at a different address provided by the User before the confirmation of the shipment of the order. Deliveries may be made in partial or total parts within the stipulated period once the order is confirmed and will begin to run when the corresponding payment is confirmed. If the client is not at the address indicated as the delivery of the product, extra charges may be generated for freight, storage services, loading or unloading of materials.

In the event that the product is not delivered in any of its delivery modalities, within the period or conditions set, the User may contact the Customer Service area where a document will be issued or a document will be provided. information indicating the status of the order and the reasons for the delay

H. Changes and/or returns. The user will be obliged at the time of receiving the product at the indicated address to review the product. In case of any damage or difference in delivery, the User may execute a change or return of the product. Both the exchange and the return of the product will be valid within the first 7 calendar days after the delivery of the product.

It is understood as a change to the request to exchange a product that, due to its condition, does not present the original purchase characteristics such as presentation, composition, size, quality, etc., for another of the same or similar price and/or conditions.

It is understood as a return to the reimbursement of products and money related to the sale on the Page, canceling it.

Both for changes and returns, the User must comply with the process for such purposes, presenting the product in its original conditions, with its packaging, acknowledgment of receipt of the Product, purchase receipt and/or proof of payment. Lía Marant will replace the product within a reasonable period of time, which will be subject to factors independent of Lía Marant, such as available means of delivery, availability of the product to be replaced or its parts. Lía Marant reserves the right to deliver a different product, of the same value and that fulfills the same functions as the one requested, due to the impossible repair of the same or omission of confirmation by the User. Lía Marant will return the amount paid for the product by canceling the purchase of such, by the same means in which the User made said payment, or by any other means of payment available by which Lía Marant deems the transaction convenient.

There are certain products that by their nature are not applicable to the return, expressly indicated in the product description.

Legal Conditions

A. For the interpretation and fulfillment of these terms and conditions, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and applicable laws in the United Mexican States, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future domiciles.

B. The data provided by the client is protected in accordance with our privacy notice, published at and by the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. Lía Marant does not sell, give away, facilitate or rent the User's information to any third party nor does it own it.

C. In the event of a conflict in relation to the use of information and the purchase of products on the Page, Lía Marant is fully available to reach an agreement with the User to resolve the conflict. If there is no such agreement, and in other cases not related to these Terms and Conditions, the corresponding instance will be brought before the Federal Consumer Protection Agency or before the competent authorities.

D. Lía Marant reserves the right to make changes to this document without prior notice. Therefore, it is the User's responsibility to regularly read this section, so that they are always informed of any changes. Alterations to it will become effective immediately upon posting on the Page.


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